Timid Indian Ringneck?


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Aug 18, 2021
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Hello dear bird owners, I've recently bought a 4 month old sweet Indian Ringneck 6 days ago, which the ex owner thinks is a male. He's super sweet, not aggressive and has been hand fed and domesticated. He has been eating and drinking fine, does his beak grinding before sleeping, chirps a few times a day and sleeps well I assume (He's free all day, only goes to his cage at night to sleep. However I'm not sure if he's timid, scared or just not used to his home yet he's scared of us (especially our hands), when we approach him he starts backing up and looking for places to run to (his wings are clipped sadly) but when I'm holding him he looks totally unbothered, I assume it just takes time for him to get used to us? Since he can see me almost the whole day and I talk to him a lot of the time. Any tips, or waiting and he will eventually start trusting?

Also I've been leaving him food throughout the day, should I start feeding him only at certain times? Like twice daily?

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May 16, 2019
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I think it's too early to tell gender. You won't know until a ring either forms or doesn't after a year of age, or you get a DNA test.

I got my IRN when he was 5 from an elderly woman who's husband had passed away (his birds), and he was obviously tame at some point. It took at least a year to reach full trust and bonding, but I was casual and let it go at his pace. Our relationship has grown to a point where I feel he is a bit clingy - he'll fly to me everyday often and resist being removed from my shoulder. If I had food there he'd probably never leave! Oh, I can't eat with him on my shoulder, he'll start pulling my hair and reach around to pull some grub out of my mouth. He knows when I get home now and will issue some calls for me to come open his cage.

Just be patient and the day will come when your little one will run to you rather than away. And I usually have pellets and some seed available all the time, and give him a fresh bowl of chopped veggies, nuts, and fruit each day - it varies a bit.

Beware of the bluffing stage - it may or may not happen. This is when they get aggressive toward you, and it will pass if it does happen.

There are great articles here that should be mandatory reading for IRN owners: http://silversageaviaries.com/

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