Trudis first BIG free flight


Aug 18, 2016
Lots of parrots, most of them rescues
I train my macaws for free flight. I have been training all winter indoors and only had about 1Β½ month since the bird flu to train.

Trudi got to sit in smaller trees and when I called, she would come flying

At one point she looked like she was enjoying herself in the tree, so I figured I could go to the stables and get some things. As soon as she could no longer see me, she came flying for me. However she had to go over the buildings of the farm, she eventually ended in a tree far taller than the plan for today

As she from there could see the entire farm, I figured I would let her sit there for some time to take in the scenery. Unfortunately it started to get windy and Trudi is not yet trained too much in windy conditions. I therefore suddenly wanted her to come down right away.

I stood under the tree and called for her. She started to walk back and forth on the branch and eventually opted for the middle of the branch and flew straight down to me. One happy mommy

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