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Apr 18, 2021
Hi Everyone!

A few months back I posted with some concerns about the age of my IRN. I'm happy to report that I now know she was youngish, but maybe not as young as my wife and I were told. In fact, I have a question in relation to that. Age doesn't really matter, I really just wanted to know so I knew what to expect in terms of vocabulary training. Below you will find my most recent picture of her, and my first question is related to said picture.

She has been developing a shadow below her beak in the past few weeks ***Picture attached***. Now, though, I'm noticing it getting darker and creeping up the sides. I'm curious if we might have had her gender confused (we were told she was DNA tested female). She presents as a female as we haven't seen her do the bowing dance in front of a mirror yet. I understand that males get the dark dark ring and that females can have a lighter band. She has a lighter band stretching across the back, and this dark grey shadow in the front. It's getting darker, but not by much - I'm just noticing a trend. So, when do females get their ring? Do we need to change pronouns? Is my bird gender confused :09:?

My next question is this: When I have her on my shoulder, she lets out an isolated sound every once in a while. Kind of like a small meow or mew. Is that normal? What might it mean? She is usually content to just sit there.

Finally, I've been working with her slowly. Mostly just meeting her where she is. She is still kind of hand-shy - or at least hesitant - and fears other people besides me. What can I do to help her get used to the rest of the family? Is there anything?

You all are wonderful. And I thank you in advance for your consideration, time, and responses!!



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Nov 22, 2015
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I would get her genetically tested to make sure she is female. Not terribly expensive to do.
I always say the way to a parrots heart is thru the belly, so lots of her favorite treats when she is on you. Try to work with her every day, IRNs do best when that happens.

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