Update on “Diana” and “Fiona” + cage redecoration!


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Sep 3, 2020
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2 Albino Parakeets, Jax and Jasmine
I bought two albino budgies guessing they were both female. Hence the names “Diana” and “Fiona”. I think I read somewhere that there’s a 70% chance an albino is female, so that was my reasoning behind my naming. However, it turns out that “Fiona”, the larger of my two birds, is actually a male (“Diana” is a female, in case anyone was wondering). Probably why there is a size difference, sexual dimorphism and all. I decided to quickly rename them to Jax (the male) and Jasmine (the female). They’re still new (on day 4 of having them) so they didn’t learn their old names yet. A perfect time to rename!

I also rearranged the cage today because my natural perches I ordered just came. I took out all the dowel perches it came with and put in the two grapevine perches and the two natural wood perches I ordered. I took out the long spiral rope perch, but left in the triangle rope swing, so I’ll hunt down some vet wrap for that in the future. I also took out the two mirror toys and added in two colorful toys made from a variety of textures. I have a few more in my supplies plus the spiral rope perch I can switch out to keep things fresh. Now I present the new and improved cage!


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Aug 2, 2018
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I love Jax and Jasmine as names! Cage is indeed looking great!


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Aug 21, 2010
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Very nice remodel for a pair of beauties! Love the varied levels of perches + toys, hope they enjoy!!

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