Urgent Help for my 6 week old Grey parrot chick


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Jul 27, 2021
Dear All, My grey parrot chick is 6 weeks (got her at 5) :gcc:and not eating as she used to(20 ml feed now each time) since 2 days(I moved her to a new big cage). She does head bobbing when I touch her beak but do not when I try to feed ( but slowly takes it). She started sleeping a lot recently and have her eyes half closed or one eye closed even while eating. She is sleeping while standing and not active at all. Please please help. Please also refer an Avian vet online


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome to you and your young Grey! Acquiring an unweaned parrot poses challenges including minor or significant illnesses. Please read linked thread written by one of our breeder members as it may help you better support your bird pending medical care: http://www.parrotforums.com/breeding-raising-parrots/74363-so-you-bought-unweaned-baby.html

Veterinary practices vary worldwide, best is avian certified with higher standard of education and specialized medical equipment. If that is not possible, many treat "exotics" with varying levels of skill. International search engine:

Other sources include zoos, well established breeders, bird clubs, falconry associations.

Hope your baby improves, please keep us advised!

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