Venus Sick Again - It's Back And She's Spoiled


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Mar 27, 2014
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Her respiratory infection is back again, third time now. Her activity level was high, eating, drinking, bathing, bullying, all good but I started hearing her breathing when she was with me on Wednesday, and Thursday she sounded like a snotty toddler. I called the vet and we saw him in the afternoon. She's back on batryl for ten days and received a vitamin A and D shot. This time they put no flavor in her medicine, they were out. The vet in his defense has been very sick for several months, this was his first day back and when he heard Venus was there he came to see her and checked her out himself. That was so nice.

So yesterday I left the house to run an errand, got back and Husband was sitting on the couch, fully dressed, had his steel toed shoes on, four dogs sitting on the floor around him (we are dog sitting my sister's dog, she's a flight attendant), and Red Bird, is next to Husband's shoe. She had been working on attacking his shoe, and while I'm standing there saying hello to the dogs, giving Canelo love, she charges the dogs making a beeline for Canelo, wings spread, beak open, eyes pinned. I intercepted and scooped her up. The dogs had spread, Canelo is hiding behind me.

Why was she on the floor? The last couple of weeks she has become friends with Husband. She'll leave her cage and go to him, stand by his feet waiting to be picked up, love it. But she is fearless.

I'm glad to see such an improvement in her, but the vet said if the infection returns again, he may have to do surgery to her left sinus. He thinks there is infection, puss, that is not being irradiated after completing antibiotics, and he said the puss in a bird is more of a cheese consistency, has anyone had experience like this? I've been searching the web and so far found more on treating bald eagles.

Her diet is all fresh foods, lots of vitamin A rich foods. Did I mention she's spoiled? I drug husband to several meat markets looking for pomegranates, the big stores don't have them since they are out of season, the local, Mexican meat markets usually have all kinds of diverse produce and we found some that were very fresh and just peeking to ripeness. Got them home, gave her a slice, and juiced one. The juice I'll use to mix her antibiotic with so she'll slurp it up. She's pretty easy because she'll take it from a spoon, on her own. So here is round three.


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Feb 6, 2010
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Tracey I'm sorry you're going through this again. Poor Venus :(. I hope you can get this fully resolved soon

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