Ways to help repair or birdproof a rope perch?


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Nov 4, 2020
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Getting close to the end of my rope (haha) here!

My GCC has recently begun to favor a specific end of her rope perch, which is the main one that is used to get across her cage and to her food and water bowls during the day. Throughout the past year, she always gnawed on her old one, however now she specifically chews up the very end of her perch where it joins with the hook.

This has resulted in me getting a new replacement, after she chewed her old perch off of its hook. Apparently there are ways to repair these kind of perches, but I wonder if it's even worth the effort? Reason being that now we've had this new one for only a few days and already she's done significant damage to the same spot, it could be any day now that I walk in and find it on the bottom of the cage.

Are there any ways to safely bird proof a perch that's in the cage? Is repairing these things worth it? Should I just go for a wooden perch? Thanks guys!

PS: I just moved that end of the rope perch to another spot in her cage in hopes that its different location and its position under another perch will discourage her for a bit until I get an answer. It's 32 inches and cost me 18 dollars, and I don't wanna get a replacement anytime soon!
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Oct 27, 2016
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you can wrap it in vet wrap to deter chewing however if you bird is actively chewing the rope I highly recommend removing rope entirely. The fibers can lead to crop impaction as they arent digested


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Dec 28, 2014
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A thought on replacement. Try going to a feed and grain store and look at some of the really nice cotton ropes. Possibilities for the ends are many! Pull the ends through the bars and tyewrap, nontoxic glued into a PVC cap, add a SS hook, etc! At a buck a foot, go crazy!

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