What do your birds say/mimic?


Jul 18, 2022
Squiggles (about half a year old)
Black capped conure
Squiggles doesnt talk but makes noises that kinda sound like a duck as well as clicking


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May 13, 2022
Kiki the baby quaker
My baby quaker is already chatting tho normally only when I'm not in the room.

She said
Kiki buuuuurd
Birdy bird biiiiirdy
And last few days she's been making over exaggerated kiss noises.

She also does different whistles and noises I make to her. Her cage is next to the baby alexandrine so I'm hoping she teaches alex.
I used to keep and breed budgies when I was young. I had 2 budgies that would learn to talk and they started teaching the rest. Imagine a flock of 30 budgies calling the dog, yelling dinners out and calling the cats next door


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Apr 25, 2020
Among the words in QP Ralph's vocabulary are: wait-wait-wait-wait, good parrot, pretty bird, funny Quaker, silly little parrot, water, popcorn and pellets. He quacks like a duck and clucks like a chicken, and imitates the creak of a kitchen cupboard door. :giggle:
Scooter the CAG can say a lot of things that she learned in her former home, like you have poop in your water and want some spaghetti? but now that she's been here for a few years, she doesn't say them too often. She does say (in my voice) hey there birds and hey there parrots, which is what I say when I come in from outside. Most recently, she picked up What, what? which is what I say to Ralph when he squawks for my attention. I don't have to say it anymore since Scooter took over the job. Mostly, Scooter likes to imitate anything that goes beep or boop, and she does precise imitations of the beeps of the microwave oven, toaster oven, coffee maker, cordless phone and the remote control for the air conditioner. :)
You have poop in your water want some spaghetti sounds so unappetizing.


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Apr 23, 2010
Syracuse, NY
Quaker parrot, Ralph; CAG, Scooter
You have poop in your water want some spaghetti sounds so unappetizing.
Fortunately Scooter doesn't run the two phrases together so it isn't so bad. Maybe her variation you have a bird in your water is a little less unappetizing, though maybe not much. She made that one up herself. A friend suggested that it might have come from seeing her own reflection in the stainless steel water dish.

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