What have I done?


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Dec 24, 2006
I just ordered a hand reared Eclectus from a breeder in Tamworth Australia.
I am on a 5 month waiting list.
Somebody stop me.
I mean
Tell me. Debbie is going ape****.
Its 1300 bux and I don't need another bird.
I am in love with a green Eclectus at the pet shop named Eddie.
He climbs on me and cries when I put him back.
He wants to come home with me, but he is owned already.
So I was surfing websites , and before I knew it, i had ordered him.
I am in soooo much trouble. I cant afford him.
Debbie is going off her tree at yet another uncaged bird, but with a bigger beak and a louder call.
She thinks I am only kidding as I have been known in the past for telling a tall tale or 2.
I am already thinking about names and sleeping arrangements.
No seriously, some body stop me.
Quick, go get yourself some Ambien or Lunesta sleep aids. A side effect of both of those is cooking or driving while asleep with no memory of the event.
Just tell Debbie you must have done it in your sleep. If she starts yelling quickly pretend you are asleep. We have all heard how dangerous it is to wake a sleepwalker:D.
Let us know if she buys any of this:cool:.
Wow bud, glad it ain't me ... I wouldn't want to incur, "the wrath of Debbie" ... hell, "the wrath of Chirsty" is bad enough ... but on the other hand, an eekie might have a louder call, but will not use it as much ...

Poor, Red ... Poor Debbie ... LUCKY US, we get to hear all the stories!

I agree with Zar ... just tell Debbie you got into her pot plants and did something stupid!

We are never going to see pics. Debbie is going to beat him dead with her lap topThat is newly repaired and broken yet again. We may get a pic of Red with the obituary. Sorry my dearest Red it was nice knowing you. XXOOXXOO
Hello , saw your post and found it very funny.
I am in Sydney and I just bought my new baby male eclectus , he is currently 15 weeks old and he is sooooooooo GORGEOUS even though I shouldnt be telling you this as you want somebody to stop you lol.
I cant help it, my baby I bought a week ago is sooooooo cute, I wish I had done it sooner. He is my first bird and they do have a bit of a loud squawk at times but Im guessing because he is excited.
Im a little shocked though that you are on a waiting list of 5 months ??? I got mine straight away, and as his ad said from the breeder " extremely friendly " and that he definitely is.
Well I hope it works out to how you want but it is soooooooooo easy to fall in love with a male eclectus , they are reallllly beautiful.
My jack has been with us now 1 1/2 weeks.


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