What is going on with my eclectus Pegi


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Nov 25, 2021
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Hello! I already asked (in thread
"My eclectus is making a call she doesn't ususally, any insight?' https://www.parrotforums.com/thread...doesnt-ususally-any-insight.91561/post-952688")
what's going on with my eclectus. She started make this crying noise during trainings. It was guessed to be hormonal and i think so too. She is now 1 year old Aruensis and first she started run under funitures and then started to cry. Always during the trainings and otherwise never. Now she has started to make this peep and crying noise even just holding her (and every day!). She act like biting me, attacing but does it very softly, slow and dont want to hurt me. Sometimes she sound like she has troubles to breath but stop this noise if something interrups her (like when my husband talks, she always listens) and then breath just fine and acts normal and stops doing this odd behavior.
Does somebody regornize this behavior and can tell that is it normal? She was at vet, just for checking, in last october. She was healthy and her diet should be ok. Lots of fresh stuff, no pellets.
And if this is also hormones, should i just ignore this?
I made clip today, where Pegi makes this.
Also i have other question. Here is plenty of information about perfect diet for eclectus and how to keep them in good health. But does someone know, if Eclectus wont get everything which needed in their diet, how soon you will notice sympthoms or notice that they are becoming sick?
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Aug 30, 2021
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Hi there and thanks for the video.
There is a good chance this could be hormones. She is around puberty age.
A light biting or "beaking" behavior typically means they're just curious about your hand-however I'm not sure why she only does it in training?
If you are concerned, you can go ahead and consult with your avian veterinarian.

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