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Sep 7, 2006
with our weather over here, yesterday morning I woke up early to the sun streaming through the window. I jumped up feeling great, pulled the curtains and bang, there it was. Snow everywhere. We had about 2 inches in Sussex, now while I know that a lot of you over in USA get a lot more than that, but we are not used to it over here and to have snow in April, is unheard off. Thankfully it had cleared up here by the afternoon. Today however, it has gone back to being freezing cold and wet.

The weather people have been saying that we are going to have a very hot Summer, but the way things are going I can't see it. We have had the driest winter for years and years, now it looks like we are in for the wettest Summer for years. :( I have to say I am really ready for some hot sunny weather, that lasts for more than a couple of days. That would be really nice.

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