What "people" food Can I feed Billi?


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Sep 9, 2009
Newbie question. :)

I've been reading alot about what to feed Billi and they differ from author to author. I want to share food with him but I don't want to poisen him either. When we eat super (or anything really) he crouches down like he is going to take flight. He has actually came for us when we ignore him. I've been giving him peanuts or crakers before we eat so he is contented and won't come for one of us! :)

So, what is okay for me to feed him? We eat alot of pasta and stews. I've tried giving him fresh fruit and fresh vegi's and he doesn't want them at all except grapes. He goes crazy when he hears a bag of chips crinkle. I don't want to give him chips...

OK ... you are on the right track with your thoughts.

Pasta (cooked, even with a little sauce) is acceptable for your 'zon ...

The BIG four to stay away from: avocados, raw onion, chocolate and alcohol -

If you feed fresh fruits do not give the pits/seeds from the fruit.

Fresh, raw veggies (steamed if you want) can be given at any time. The key is persistence ... keep offering them until Billi at least tries them ...

No chips, fried food, junk food - basically, if it's healthy for us it's OK for the birds ... if unsure about anything look it up, or contact your ACV

Oh, PS - Crackers with high salt content are not a great idea (ex: Saltines) but like low fat whole grain crackers (ex: triscuts) would be ok occasionally
We try to eat pretty healthy ourselves, so we don't eat a lot of junk food. I've given Boo (BFA) pieces of chicken, beef, pork, steamed veggies, unsalted peanuts, cashews. He loves macadamia nuts, but those are a rare treat - he's kept a good weight for three years, and I don't want him getting too much fat in his diet. At Christmas we get a bag of brazil nuts and he has those for a little while, but I just crack one end open and make him work to get the meat out. I gave him a rib bone with a little bit of meat left on it one day, and he thought he was in heaven - chewed on it all night long, and looked for it the next day when he got back to his day cage.

I don't worry too much about pasta, but he only gets a nibble, not a whole meal. His regular diet is a bird food that I cook up and freeze in bags. People food is only a taste when we're eating. I guess the exception is my breakfast bars. I get sugar-free oatmeal bars to eat in the morning on my way to work, and Boo insists on having a taste of it as soon as I open the container, so he gets that most morning.
Oh - and I guess I should add - he's a picky eater and he doesn't readily accept new things. I've learned that if he sees me take a bite of something before I offer it to him, he'll at least try it. Secondary to that is me telling him it's tasty. I just hold it close to him and say "mmmmm, tasty". That way he's knows it's food and he'll nibble or lick it. If he doesn't like it, he picks it out of my hand and drops it on the floor.
Like Tex D says pepersistence ... keep offering them until Billi at least tries them . I think most parrots are not fond of new food. Be careful with the peanuts, especially if they are in a shell. Anything they know they should not have they want.
That includes food and toys.
"I've given Boo (BFA) pieces of chicken, beef, pork"

So I can feed Tumbala some meats? I couldn't find any information one way or the other when I was looking but my husband didn't think it was a good idea. He's really picky but wants everything that I eat which is unfortunatly not very healthy for him. I did find Graham Cracker Goldfish and he really likes those as a little treat. Almonds, grapes and banannas seem to be his favorites. Also because he's always trying to drink out of my glass, which is usually Pepsi, I have a really small glass that I put Orange Juice in for him. I tried putting water in it but he didn't want that but he'll drink out of his water dish no problem. I guess he thinks it a treat also and water just isn't a treat! I want to try Birdie Pops for him! I think he will really like them. :orange:
Hi SB, Im giving Hugo peanuts in a shell and he cracks the shell and eats the peanuts inside - is that bad? I give him about 4 every 2 days.. Please reply as soon as you can, sorry but Im documenting everything Hugo touches and eats to try and find out what is making his sinuses flare which is making him sick.
Ecclipse...Spiritbird gave me this website to check out when I was questioning the peanuts. Aspergillus Peanuts and Parrots Basically it's better if you shell them because of some kind of bacteria that is on the shell. Good Luck finding out what is wrong with Hugo! It's hard when your animals are sick. It's like having a sick kid. You just want to take their pain and suffering away.
Hi TG, thanks for the link, am going to check it out now...thanks also for the kind words, Its been two weeks now but he's still perky playing and eating so Im very positive. Take care...
I am going to print a copy of the info on the link and take it with me to the vet when Hugo gets his weekly nebulise (Wed) - I am remaining very CALM!!!!! I have been feeding unshelled and shelled peanuts for over a year - good grief!!!!! Feeling a little scared - :(
I used to give Auggie peanuts quite regularly, I have replaced them now though. Shelling them yourself will not provide much protection: If there is Aspergillus growth it is likely on the nut itself as well.
Hello Ecc. We all are hoping Hugo is going to be fine. Here is another site about peanuts and parrots. It seems to boil down to us staying abreast of the news about this topic and making our own decisions of feeding peanuts or not feeding peanuts. It sounds like peanuts unshelled and unsalted are ok. Are Peanuts Bad For Pet Birds
Thanks for your support guys - I really appreciate it, Hugo had a good day and didn't sniff or yawn as much - he's even talking (when he thinks I cant see him). He seems to be cold which is strange as we have just come out of a winter. I have put the heater on in the other room which heats up both sections but doesnt make it very hot that will make him worse if its turned off. He seems a bit down which I can understand and is sleeping quite alot or just sitting. He has spurts of energy and then is his usual self. Going to see the vet in the next few days. I really appreciate the links about the peanuts and will go read the one SB put on the thread. :) Am feeling more confident today.
Thanks for the new update SB. I have heard previously that peanuts marketed for human consumption are safe (as implied by that link), however to clarify something in that link I do not believe peanuts NOT marketed for human consumption are inspected to that level. So perhaps the key is if you are to get peanuts get those that are marketed for humans to eat (as opposed to pet supply).
You give my African Grey "Billy" CHICKEN, she says YUK YUK YUK.

Pasta & potatoes, are my birds fave food. Also soup, saltines,cheerios..

Healthy people food is great. No salt, sugar, caffeine, etc. My Hyacinth loves steamed carrots and mashed potatoes with applesauce. Always figure the dark green and dark orange fruits and veggies that are good for us are good for them. My Grey, Simon loves chicken bones from our chicken dinner. She shreds the bones and eats the marrow., etc. Again, as was stated in previous replies, no avocado, onions, chocolate.:blue:

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