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Dec 27, 2020
So, here's a story for you:
someone bought a "hand fed" budgie at a bird fair. The person they went with bought a "hand fed" cockatiel from the same vendor at a discounted price. Guy needed to move some stock, apparently. (Birds didn't sell very fast at all for some reason)
Next day- New budgie owner noticed bird is not eating pellet/ seed mix, and is low energy. Calls cockatiel owner for advice.
(From here out, we'll call budgie owner buyer 1, cockateil owner buyer 2, and vendor, "guy")
Buyer 2 goes to see the budgie. Notices breast bone is very sharp and prominent. Droppings are white and evidence they're a bit watery. Upon inspection, birds eye already has iris in spite of its small size, bird may be older than suggested? And lower beak is deformed.

Buyer 1 informs guy of the situation asks to exchange the bird.
Guy doesn't answer any single message before a minimum of an hour passes. Finally does, **agrees to exchange bird, but says it's not his fault, the bird eats fine, he's not gonna starve to death, he never saw any problem with the bird, he's a reputable breeder and they're pets, not mass produced like everyone else's birds, mentions the discount buyer 2 got on their bird, insisting it is relevant to this issue, when buyer 1 asks about details for the exchange, guy then does not respond at all until noon the next day.
Buyer 1 agrees to meet him at a halfway point, it's a 3 hour drive between them. Rushes to get around, then realizes it's not possible to make it by the time guy set because he has to be at work at the time she can make it there.
And he again doesn't answer calls or texts for almost 2 hours.

So she tells him to forget it.

She's giving the bird to an experienced owner who is hand feeding babies now. She's just out the money she spent on him.
Bird can eat softened pellets and baby food.

Buyer beware. Hold and inspect a bird before you pay. Do not let them grab it and put it in a box for you.

Pictures of the bird.


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Jun 19, 2021
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Awful story!

It is a shame what that baby budgie is going through...

Judging by the pictures, it is indeed a budgie less than 3 months old. You can see by the stripes pattern going all the forehead to the nostrils. Also I think this is a female as the cere is pale blue. Males at that age would have pinkish light violet cere.

Sometimes, the parents can become aggressive with their babies trying to rush them out of the nest. I witnessed a situation where the mother destroyed half the mandibule of her own baby, which did not make it.
Maybe that?s the reason the guy handfed this one.

The beak of the budgie in the picture is not that bad, I think she can survive giving time to the beak heal and feeding her soft foods.

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