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Oct 9, 2016
Middle of nowhere (kentuckianna)
Roommates include Gus, Blue and gold macaw rescue and Coco, secondhand amazon
We used to travel a lot with an Amazon. He was fine on his human’s shoulder while I drove. But a couple small kennel type cages can be picked up at a thrift store for nothing and disinfected well. The birds will be fine. You might need to cover the cages for stretches of time if they seem anxious. We also never had a problem taking the bird to a hotel room, as long as we asked in advance and pit the “do not disturb” sign up.


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Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota, USA
Eclectus Parrot: Nico (male)
Jenday Conure: Kiwi (female)
Yeah, finding a bird sitter is hard and not gonna lie, i have some trust issues. My birds are my world and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them.
I am right there with you. Especially with my ekkie because I know he requires a lot of patience. He's well known to attack people he doesn't like, or strangers. I also worry about if he refuses to take his medications if someone will be comfortable enough to towel him. I did bring him on a 24 hour car ride, and 2 ways. He just sat on my shoulder, and went into his carrier at night to sleep until we got to a hotel. He ate in the car, and was fine as long as he was by me. He screamed if I left the car to goto the bathroom though, and he couldn't see me as he got scared to be left alone. We got some strange looks for sure from people walking by. When I got home Nico feather plucked the worse I've ever seen it in the year I've had him. This is when the self mutilation started. I am not sure if that trip just overwhelmed him, or if it was just a coincidence.

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