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Mar 1, 2015
For a first time bird owner. Clipped or unclipped wings?
Is training easier with clipped or unclipped wings?
If you clip can you still designate a potty area?
What are the benefits of clipped verses not clipping the wings?


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Nov 15, 2015
If you don't absolutely need to clip, please don't! It can cause behavior issues, biting, and also causes the bird to not be able to balance, walk, climb, and of course fly as well. It can also cause discomfort. You will find great joy in bonding with your bird and watching it engage in natural behaviors with its wings natural. All my birds are fully flighted. They get tremendous mental stimulation and physical exercise from being able to fly. It is also good to walk around your home perimeters and teach your bird where the boundaries are so it doesn't fly into a wall (though I've never had that happen). Also, when your bird is out, it's safer to keep the blinds drawn so it doesn't try to fly through it and hit he window. The blinds can be open, just as long as they're drawn across the window so it doesn't look like a complete open hole if that makes sense. Or a light curtain. Enjoy your new bird!!!


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Jan 6, 2014
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Usually, I would recommend clipping just when you first get the bird. It will make taming easier and will also prevent your bird from crashing into things hard while they get used to their new surroundings.

I'm of the mindset thought that clipping should always be a last resort. It's also healthier for the bird to be free-flighted vs clipped. It is much better for them mentally and physically. Birds have wings for a reason, they're not meant to be clipped.

PS - I would also give you this advice. An unclipped bird gets more exercise in five minutes outside the cage than a clipped bird does in an entire day.

If there is too much of a risk of harm or escape - then clipping should be considered, but only as a last resort. I think you will find yourself with a much stronger and healthier bird if you leave him unclipped in the long run.

I would also think that an unclipped bird would be easier to potty train vs a clipped, but that's just my thought.
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Oct 27, 2013
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I'm happy to see you are researching the subject before making the decision.

Wing clipping is a rather hot topic that has been discussed repeatedly. The decision is ultimately yours, what is best for your bird in your unique situation.

Here are a couple of links to our more recent discussions.



If you use the forums search function and type in wing clipping you'll find a lot more past threads, enough to keep you reading for a long while.

Best of luck with your decision and your new adventure.

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