Where to Buy an Aviary in the USA?

Is 800 - 1000 a doable metal aviary enclosure budget?

  • Definitely not. You need thousands.

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Mar 22, 2020
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I actually bought an aluminum one from the company listed above off ebay. Don't do it, it is not for parrots. Its more like for chickens or finches or something. The aluminum frame is fine, good quality. However, the aluminum mesh is a kind of expanded metal type. Its is sharp and not suitable for a parrot. Luckily we returned it. I'm carpenter and thought I could get away without building something too bad haha. Construction started this week. Mine will be as said above untreated 2x4 and stainless steel hardware cloth. Hope this helps.


Jul 14, 2015
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What an interesting topic. Given crime, weather, or the potential for other mishap I wouldn't personally have an aviary here where I am unless I could monitor it constantly by camera and only in warmer weather. I actually have the space for it but it seems like something of an indulgence for when and if I ever move somewhere less peopled and with even more space.

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