Why is my Indian ring neck suddenly tired and fluffed up?


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Aug 22, 2022
Indian ring neck
Hey everyone, so I got my very first Indian ring neck 2 weeks ago, he’s around 6-7 months I’d say and he’s the first parrot I own after previously owning other smaller birds. I’ve done a lot of research regarding this bird however can’t seem to find an answer anywhere for this particular subject. So on Saturday the 20th of aug, he’s been let out in the room to stretch himself a little, he’s been climbing on my tables and chairs and hopping around his cage, on the same night when it was bed time he slept rather early I think it’s cause of the energy he used in the day, so the next day (Sunday) I had to do some shopping earlier in the morning so I left around 8am but didn’t open the curtains, my parrot usually wakes up when he see sees light, I got home around 1-2pm and he was still sleeping, he woke up after I un drew the curtains. So since Sunday he’s pretty much been really puffed up and I’d say tired cause he’s eyes are opening and closing. He’s eating fine and I’ve seen him preening through out the day, but the energy isn’t there like it was before. He isn’t tame but he isn’t exactly scared of me that much either. I don’t know if could be cause he slept too much, if he’s feeling bored, or if hes ill. He’s a slim parrot so seeing him puffed up like that pretty much the whole day has me concerned but at the same time it might not be serious and I haven’t owned a parrot before so I wouldn’t know about this particular thing. Someone said it could be cause he’s moulting, which I’m not sure about because I’ve only seeing a a few like 3 or few body feathers in his cage and that’s about it, but I’m pretty sure he can’t lose energy from losing tiny body feathers. Any suggestions? Is this normal for a bird that’s moved into a new home? He’s been acting the same expect he’s super puffy and petty much tired since Sunday. First picture is of him on Saturday, not puffy moving around from place to place and second picture I took today. It’s been two days. Any advice highly appreciated


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Nov 6, 2013
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If he is sleeping a lot and puffed up, I would recommend taking him to see an avian vet, as he could be sick. Do you have an avian vet yet?

Here is a link where you may be able to find a vet in your area:

Avian Vet Resources

He is beautiful, and I hope he is okay.

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