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Jul 17, 2017
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Hi folks,

I have a random question. So my dog gets yeast infections on her skin from her allergies. The vet recommended trying to wipe black tea on the affected areas as it is antifungal. I'm currently trying that so we'll see how it works. However, my question is- Could she be picking yeast up from the furniture after she rubs the area on it (her eye)? She likes to itch herself on our leather furniture and I'm wondering if she could be leaving yeast and then reinfecting herself. I'm rather unsure of the origin of the infection because we've been doing everything right in terms of prevention. She gets medicated baths as needed and is wiped with a damp cloth every day.


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Aug 2, 2018
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yeast is everywhere, and a smallpart of our natural flora.

When the skin gets broken or inflamed from the allergy or scratches it can cause an issue. Or like damp spots like ears , it just grow out of control. Some of it is genetic too, some critters are better at keeping balance. Also throwing off the natural balance of flora like taking antibiotics which kills the bacteria leaves the yeast to grow with no comoition.

On the couch, I'm not sure how long yeast lives in surfaces

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