Young Sun Conure Breathing Issues


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Mar 2, 2018
Sun Conure named Sammy
Hey everyone,
My 10 week old Sun Conure, Sammy has been showing some strange symptoms indicating he has some respiratory issues. I have noticed that he sometimes sounds REALLY nasally/congested. It sounds comparable to when a person has a cold...just really squeaky. He also sneezes frequently and scratches at his nares during these episodes. I am PRETTY SURE it is because of a lack of humidity, but I thought I'd ask for advice anyway in case it is more serious than I thought.

He isn't lethargic and his personality is still as wild as ever. I only see it bother him close to when it's his bed time/waking up and it is not an emergency, so I don't think it is necessary to take him to a vet unless his symptoms escalate.
It could be nothing more than dust or irritation but anything that involves breathing problems deserves a trip to the vet as quick as you can.

I have been fighting breathing problems with my YNA.
He has been better recently or he has learned to hide some of his symptoms.

I would definitely second advice to seek a certified avian vet for checkup. Hopefully a simple issue, but breathing issues can quickly intensify depending on cause.
Poor thing. I would think something is either stuck down in his nares, there is a mucus buildup, or he is breathing in too much dust. I would watch him over time, but if it gets worse or he starts to wobble, have a loss of appetite or frequently drink, I would consult an avain vet. Best wishes to you and your little guy <3
considering birds are essentially a lung (in vary base terms) I would constitute any breathing difficulty as an emergency and prompting the earliest possible vet appointment I can get. Speaking from personal experience a minor thing can go very bad in just a day so definitely get to a vet.

Being 10 weeks old he's very young, is he still hand-feeding? If so he could very well have taken food into his lungs which needs to be addressed immediately

It could very well be nothing but it is ALWAYS better to be safe rather than sorry
Have you tried showering with him. Let some warm steam get into him. It might clear his nasel passages a little x
You could be right about the humidity. Commercial brooders used in vet offices for sick birds are temperature and humidity controlled and supply oxygen. You could get a regular air humidifier and use it in the room he is in, take him in the bathroom and start the hot water going and let it get all foggy, or if you're up to it there are ways to make a DIY brooder.
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Yes actually! He loved it, and it did help. I got him a humidifier and he is great now :) No more sneezing/scratching.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I got a humidifier within 12 hours of me posting this and it helped him immediately. No more scratching/sneezing! Sammy is doing wonderfully :)

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