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Hard decision

I write this with a heavy heart, I have made a very difficult decision to put to sleep a healthy dog due to severe behavior problems. Some of you may think this cruel so I will lay out my situation.
I rescued Bhilis 8 years ago from a shelter, she was approximately 4 yrs old and emaciated weighing only 45 pounds. She had no training and was very scared. Over the years she has had anxiety issues and needed to be medicated on and off. The las t 2 years have been very difficult, she had begun to be very aggressive to the other female dogs in the house leading to rehoming of 1 dog and the euthanasia from age and difficulties and fighting/ being attacked of another dog. This led to a lot of stress as you can imagine. Now she was fine with the other male dogs in the house and I know that this was a response of alpha behavior that she had not previously displayed.

We then had a very tragic incident leading to the death of my U2 Which was heart breaking. I then made the decision to euthanize her last year. I had been actively working on rehoming her for 2 years with no luck. A friend offered her a home and she lived peacefully for 7 months. Later on she became engaged and her husband did not want a dog, so she asked me to "watch" her for a bit then broke it to me that she could not take her back. She has since attacked a different dog in the house without warning and has attempted to go after the birds as well (caged). The dogs have to be seperated at all times and there is a lot of stress and worry of what could happen. No one is willing to take on a very sweet 12yo dog with other animal issues. She is truly a sweet and loving dog who needs to live with only humans. I feel so guilty for making this decision but have to think about all the living beings in our home.

I hope that this thread will help to bring support for me.
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