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Re: Need some advise

We've had some behavior problems with our grey Einstein. My husband was fine at the very beginning but now can't handle him much. For a while I had a hard time handling him too. He just suddenly didn't want anyone taking him out of his cage. To cure him of it, I took a no-fear approach. Of course I was afraid he'd bite me. I took the bites anyway and boldly stuck my hand in front of his feet and told him to step up. He ate a little skin, drew a little blood but soon figured out that biting didn't do him any good. Not biting got him a pleasant walk to the play gym with lots of praise. I don't know if it was the right way to correct his behavior but it worked. My husband is making a little progress with him. He is able to take him off of the play gym and hold him for a little while. Everyone else gets the psycho-bird act from him. My in-laws watch our pets for us when we're away and my father-in-law has to wear a welding glove just to feed him from outside the cage (he bites him through the food bowl door). It hard to convince someone else to allow your bird to bite them and not react too harshly. The greys are so sensitive. Sometimes I think Einstein knows exactly what I'm thinking (poor bird, no wonder he's psycho).

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