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Re: Sleep Cage

I would get her a sturdy travel cage made for parrots, never get a pet carrier for dogs or cats. They can 1: chew through plastic or 2: if it is one of the cages to put dogs in when you are gone, has zinc that kills your bird. Make sure when you pick out a carrier, it is large enough to flap her wings, and put small food/water dishes in for night-time snacks, not to mention enough room to be comfy. I"m not too sure on the size but you will know when you see it. Hope I helped!
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I AM rare. The price tag that is placed on me and my size do not define me. I am the only one of me you'll ever meet. I do not think I am small. In my mind I am a large bird with a personality and intelligence to rival the magnificent macaw or the beautiful cockatoo. I am intelligent. I am affectionate. I too deserve a big cage, respect, love, medical treatment, and adoration.

I am irreplaceable. You will never find one like ME again. Do not define me by my size, commonness or price tag. Love me and I will show you that those macaws ain't got nothin on me!"

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