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I'm an owner of a Female Congo African Grey, Lucy ^.^
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About my progress with Lucy

Ummm Herro,

How are you all doing, Hope you all are in good shape and this also goes to those sweet parrots you guys own and befriended ^.^

Ok. Today I'm gonna tell you a little about how me and lucy are progressing together. Well, Fear and shyness: Normally, if the enviroment was quite she would still raise her leg, grab the cage, start shaking and would make that warning or territory tresspassing sound. Birdy growling lol. But thankfully that stopped and she is actually very calm when I'm around. She would clean herself, eat and even some time raise one of her legs and sleep and there are like 6 inches between me and her. But be adviced, this all happenes when she is inside her cage.

Feeding: She started taking food which I give her, but, doesn't pick's up the food off my palm. I got today the idea of encouraging her to get put of her cage by taking the food bowl away for 4 hours, and adter that time placed it beside her cage's gate, in order that she would want to eat and would come out to the gate, however, when she just began to move up to the bowl, my brother knocked a plate into pieces ) and then we were back to point zero )))).

Playing and Toys: currently, cause I'm low on budget, she only has one chewing and riding toy and a rope lol. Umm, i saw her today biting and grabing her chew toy but as soon as she saw me coming she left it .

Well, I don't wanna bore you guys by righting BIG and lengthy articles so I thinkI would stop till here. Umm don't forget to give me your feedback and I would really appreciate it if you gave me tips, advices and tactics on what to do next.

Thank you for reading guy's ^.^
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