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Chilis First Night

Here is alittle background on how I got chili. I have always been a parrot freak I love them and it is my mom who got me started. My husband had promised me a sun conure for about four years and I finally got him looking into it. We found a local breader who was just starting to wean his babies and we had the first pick out of four. He send me pictures of these four little dander feathered babies and chili stole my heart with his cute little face.I was heart broken to learn that I would have to wait 3 weeks (I think) for my baby so in mean time I fixed up his house and went toy crazy. I finally gave in and called the breeder and asked if I could take over the weaning because I just can't stand waiting so after two hours of waiting to hear back I think I paced and when he finally called back his wife and him had agreed they where becoming to attached and since I knew what I was doing Chili could come home.

My husband and I took a four hour drive to pick him up when we got there both him and his wife said Chili can't fly and hasn't even tried so you don't have to worry while your doing the weaning. I said okie dokie and that night during a feeding chili took off from the table straight up hitting his head on the ceiling and crashing down to my hands I felt so bad but now as I watch him fly around his birdie room when its his play time I laugh thinking about his first few flying crashing days
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