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Talking Kiwi drinking a smoothie

Letting Kiwi try a smoothie was kind of like handing a grizzly bear a human arm- probably not the best idea, as he shall likely want whatever we have in a cup from this day forward-

Hey there, didn't anyone ever tell you sharing is caring-

So how does this thing work? Do I eat the finger or the cup?

Ah, I stick my little head in the cup-

This new taste, and texture, it is, it is *DELICIOUS*

Alrighty then, I shall rudely stick my entire, creepy worm-like tongue in here and just drink it up like the ravenous smoothie-thirsty monster I am-

P.S.- The smoothie was homemade with just bananas, strawberries and yogurt, which are 3 of his favorite foods anyways
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