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Kings Cage 26x24 Playtop Cage & extras - $275

I have a Kings Cage 26 x 24 White Playtop cage that is in excellent condition, practically brand new and pristinely steam-cleaned, for sale.

It's a Kings Cage Superior Line SLP 2624. Here's a link to all the info: King's Cages - Avian and Pet Bird Cages, Supplies, Food, Toys, Perches, Aviaries, Pluck No More

The cage has been upgraded with new, natural wood perches both inside and on the play center top. The 2 26" wooden dowels, originally included, will come with the cage as well (they have never been used).

It also includes a custom sized Cozzzy Cover: (2822PT - 26-28" (Width) x 20-24" (Depth) Playtop Cage Cover by Cozzzy Covers |

It has been used for one month, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, we simply decided to get a larger cage for Dexter. I could practically lie and sell this as new - really, it's that clean.

I'm in Northern NJ and would happily drive to met a parrot forum member anywhere within 2 hours of zip code 07470 for no extra charge. But, if I have to ship it, the buyer will have to pay shipping costs (I'm sorry, but this will not be cheap, we all know how big and heavy good cages are.) I have an SUV and can deliver this cage either assembled or broken down, whichever way the buyer would prefer.

I'm asking $275 for all - I paid $450 for it a month ago ($345 cage, $75 cover, $30 perches).

SI Eclectus

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