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Bringing home a blue and gold macaw

Hi everyone! I'm very, very new to the site. Have yet to introduce myself formally but will soon. I'm bringing home Diamond tomorrow and I have a question. I have read a couple of books and watched videos on utube. Everything I have read or seen regarding bringing home a new bird is just that, how to handle bringing home a "new" bird. I have spent at least 8 months getting to know Diamond. He is at least 27 years old. He's been in an outside cage/small aviary for at least 15-20 years. Very little interaction that I am aware of. He's smart, speaks with cognition when he wants to. I have his new home almost done on my deck that is about 12'6' and angles to 7' (twice the size as his current home). A few moths ago he began saying "get out" and "go Diamond go" on occasion. He is always poised when I come out the back door at his current home showing me his "pretty wings" and looking coyly at me.

Over the past couple visits I have asked him if he wants to "go home with Scott?". Yesterday I was in the front working just out of what he thinks is earshot and I could hear him saying "go home with Scott". I mention the earshot thing because when I'm near or in his cage he usually only says one word at a time. When I'm working a ways away from him I often hear him speaking quietly in sentences.

He hasn't stepped up on me but seems to want to. He's hung on the side of his cage and put out a foot, he will touch my arm but removes his foot quickly. I've taken this aspect very slowly. He actually has attacked his owner once. We are both very nervous about touching. He's made me bleed several times and grabbed a knuckle once so hard my finger hurt for almost a week. I've gotten to a point where I no longer flinch when he reaches out with his beak to feel me and he's allowed me to touch him once which he really seemed to enjoy but then got nippy. I'm not quite as brave when I'm reaching out to him.

Ok, to my question, when I get him home should put him in his new home and leave him alone for a day or so with very little interacton or do I spend as much time withh him as possible?

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