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I wasn't going to post anything until I made a decision about re homing. I kind of did but I also didn't. I was looking at the pros and cons about ME re homing MY birds.

Pros: My parents don't agree with it.

Cons: I won't see them anymore, I'll lose them forever, they might go to a bad home, they might be re homed again after that and go to bad home, they might be re homed again, Elvis has chosen me as his mate meaning he will be depressed, its permanent.

That is how I see this.

Fostering them out temporarily pros and cons.

Pros: I'll get them back again, I'll see them again, it's temporary, I can get a friend to do it.

Cons: they can't go to the same place, Elvis will she depressed, I'll lose those bonds, my parents are ok with it.

That's how I see that.

No one seems to care what I think about all this. You just want me to give them up. too young to have pets, re home them, can't care for them properly. And all because I don't have transportation, I don't have a lot of money, I have retarded siblings.

Mom and I took the bird to an emergency vet back on Sunday, they had to stay the night. I had to cancel thw Tuesday appointment because of a blizzard. It wasn't an avian vet, but I had good intentions. I brought them back home Monday, and the vet said that they didn't ingested anything. She did tell be to put Opal on a diet and give her exercise, but I already knew Opal was fat.

While they were at the vet overnight, I didn't realize how much they really meant to me. I was lost without them. I still covered the empty cages, I whispered good night to the cages, I uncovered the cages, and I said good morning as I did so. But then I realized they were at the vet. I prepared their morning veggies, but I didn't have anyone to give it to.

I just wanted to say, people have been telling me to re home, others say foster out, and people I know and see in reality say that I shouldn't do either of those. They know me as a real person, not as some random person on the web. You don't know me just by reading some things I wrote. Unless you know me in real life you shouldn't judge me. I don't judge people, and normally I ignore people who judge me, but sometimes I just have point out that one little fact when someone judges me.

Those things happened in the past, I don't live the past only the present. I think of the future only when necessary.
Now, let's forget anything ever happened, please.
All I ask is for us to forget about these things, focus on the good times not the bad.
Would you like to remember the bad times and not the good?
No one likes bad times.

Now, I appreciate any replies, just don't bring up anything that happened in the past, it's about time it's forgotten. I hope you have at least a little insight on my side of things. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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