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Re: cage bound parakeet

well step 1 is to find that breeder and slap them upside the head. Never grab with a towel as you unfortunately learnt the hard way. Could you imagine what that's like. No blame on you, how are you supposed to know, that breeder is a moron.

now for step 2. they're probably going to be nervy of your hands for a long time so I suggest stick training. Essentially the same as step-up training but you use a perch (I found using one you have in the cage already makes life easier. Once that is done I would open the cage door whenever you're home, try this for I would say a week or 2. Make sure the curtains or blinds are drawn when the door is open to avoid any accidents. Then try holding the precious millet at the door to the cage so they have to get near the door, then start working on moving further and further, inch by inch until they have to lean out of the door. then hold the perch just outside the cage so they have to step up to get at it, and keep working on doing it inch by inch until the have to fully step out. Make sure only praise is given during this time, if they seem nervouse or scared just talk softly until they calm down. If they take off and land somewhere in the room don't run over after them as that's only scary. Instead give some praise and maybe put some seed near them. essentially your bird feels that all that happens outside the cage is the towel/your hands come to get them, you need to make him realize that outside the cage is happy and fun and filled with seed!

Remember to go at his pace, a year is a long time to be used to being in a cage only. Hopefully he will come out, other parents have become very friendly after living in bad situations for many years so it's not impossible, just persevere and don't give up!
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