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Re: Microchipping; yay or nay?

If your avian vet is doing it correctly your cost is as follows: Exam fee, Microchip cost, Mask induction gas anesthetic cost.
My research so far from the vets I work with has been that it can be done, but to avoid shock/trauma should always be done under sedation with a bird. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice (I purchased a set of 5 online for 60.00) AVID friend chips are your best option, universal ones though (Check with your vet...They should be 9 digit code) All regular day practice clinics carry the chips and if you're chipping 1-2 birds and not registered as a clinic (like me) or a breeder its best just to buy one at the time of your exam.
The chip goes into the breast of your bird, research/vets recommend against chipping anything cockatiel size or smaller. Then the skin is glued shut around the insertion point (Did I mention BIG needle? It's about the size of an 8-6g.)
The Chip contains a code which is linked to a database so when found and scanned (Required for ANY pet that is brought to a shelter, or if there is an alert out also to any vet clinic if it matches the pet described in the alert) the chip reader will pick up an ID number, which when called in to the company gives your pet's name, your name, address, phone number, alternate contact.
If your bird/dog/cat is lost you can call in to say AVID for example with your chip number and they will alert all shelters and clinics near you of your pet's disappearance.
I'm not 100% on this, but a co-worker mentioned to me about Home-Again chips (I have one in my French Bulldog) that they come with a certain amount of insurance against the pet's medical care when lost. Her explanation was a few thousand for accidents in the time that the pet has been reported missing if it gets hit by a car for example, or breaks a leg for whatever reason while its running loose, they'd cover it. With Home-Again you do pay a yearly fee of 17.00 so I'd believe it. Avid is a one time activation fee of (I think) 10.00 but most clinics register for you, and pay that fee.
I hope that answered some questions about the procedure/microchips, thats the info I know...Was just looking for case studies/people that have done it to their birds.
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