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The little missy has feathers!

Iím glad to report that Lilyís vet visit confirmed she is healthy (minus the obvious malnourishment over the years on just seeds/treats). She has no health issues, and plucking was determined to be behavioral due to either stress or boredom. She has no obvious stress bars in her feathers, so my vote is on boredom. Youíll see in the attached photo, sheís made fast friends with Snowball and has been having a blast with him. Her feathers are growing back at a fast pace, and Iím happy to report all her tail feathers are back. She has NOT been plucking these new feathers out. Iím so happy! The real test though is waiting a few months after all her feathers are back, and hoping she wonít pluck them all out again.

Been trying really hard to introduce her to fruits and veggies. Sheís been stubborn at first, but Iíve finally found the magic food item. Blackberries! She went crazy over them. I put them in a separate dish (like all the fruits/veggies) and she finally decided to try what was in there, and then once she figured out it was something tasty, she devoured it until it was gone. Now whenever I clean and replace something new in that dish, she jumps to it expectantly, knowing something tasty and healthy is in it. She seemed to really like the banana and strawberry too after her blackberry adventure. Now if only Snowball would jump on board with eating his fruits/veggies/pellets. Sigh...

Lily has proven easier to transition to pellets than Snowball. My trick was actually Warbeak, my little helper. I gave her a dish of pellets, and she didnít know what to do with it. So I got Warbeak some pellets next and had him eat in front of her while showing her what was in his dish. She caught on pretty fast and commenced with eating some pellets. She only ate 5 before getting sick of it, but thatís 5 more pellets than I actually expected her to eat. So this will be the new daily thing with her until sheís comfortable eating them. Then maybe once sheís fully on pellets too, Snowball might actually try one (lol that little brat hates everything but his seeds). Next step might be trying out those Goldnobles III(? Think I spelled it incorrectly) that someone recommended. Maybe that one will help Snowball more.

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