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Re: Thoughts on Molt, Possible Skin issue?

Eyes and hands-on can never be replaced by photographs! So, your upcoming Avian Vet visit is well timed.

Humidity levels of 10-20% for this time of years is low! First, your device needs to provide both temperature and humidity. As one measurement is useless without the other. Assure you have a good quality device and it is located near your Parrot(s).

At present, we maintain a 70 degree F home temperature using a new technology forced air furnace. The area near our Amazon is 44%. The device setting on the Furnace mounded Humidifier is 'digital' and an upgrade from the standard mechanical style. We adjust the unit at the furnace up and down a click at a time to obtain the wanted 40 to 45% near the Amazon.

Regular misting and /or baths are important year around for Parrots.

Your level is very low for not only your Parrot(s), but also, you and all the wood products in your home, including the home.

The molting you are seeing 'appears' to be proper for feather loss on the head. The skin 'appears' to be okay. That said, the color shift of your camera and the digital shift as it is transfers several times until it appears on my screen can change several shades.

At the very least, you need to seriously look at adding humidity to your home before your hair begins to lift when you are near your TV screen!
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