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Robin had good news from the vet

Definitely one for the Senior Avians section . My Robin (male Red Bellied Parrot) is the most special animal I’ve ever had. It actually feels like we’re soul mates and meant to be with each other. I’ve had him his entire life...over 23 years.

On top of that, he’s easy to be with. He’s so easy going, not real demanding although bonded with me, doesn’t freak out at very much (for a bird), AND he tells me he loves me when we’re cuddling . How awesome is that?!

Although I love all my birds, Robin is just more special. He’s precious beyond words.

So it had been a while since his last exam and bloodwork, and was definitely due. It came back PERFECT ! His entire exam as well as full blood panel was perfect. I was so happy.

The doctor is an “avian only” vet with decades of experience, and he told me he’s never seen Poicephalus older than I think he said early or mid twenties. His own Meyers parrot (Gigi) is around Robin’s age too. I’ve read of Poicephalus being much older than that, but he’s an expert and hasn’t seen it. That’s sort of disheartening. Robin (and Gigi) aren’t showing any signs of age, so hopefully what I read is true.
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