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Clipping one wing or two??

Hi, I have been keeping large parrots for the last 20 years and have only been clipping one wing for this time. I go to the oldest bird shop in Houston and they say only to clip one and I personally have had success with this for years. On line I read that most people think that this is cruel because they say that the birds will be off balance and could hurt themselves, and that both wings should be trimmed equally.

Well, in with my 6 large parrots they all have one wing clipped and don't have any balance problems climbing around in their cage or on a climbing tree. I take them outside in the back yard in nice weather and they don't try to fly away. I once asked the bird shop where I get them groomed why they believe in the one wing trim and they said that with only one wing trimmed they cannot take off in a straight line and glide to the ground in a circle and thus are less likely to fly away. They claim with the two wing trim that sometimes the bird can take off and fly in a straight line and can sometimes be easier to escape. I have not found that my birds get hurt when they try to fly as they still glide to the ground in a circle, not a straight path. I like to see that at least one wing has full feathers. This is just what we have gotten used to.

What do you all do or think about this matter??

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