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First Parrot

Hi everyone,

NOTE: If you vote in the poll, please explain your vote! (Message or comment is fine)

So for about a year now, I've been stricken with a love for parrots. It started with Cockatiels, and has, more recently, spread to Conures, Caiques and Indian Ringnecks. But before I get to the details of my question(s), I'll shed a little light on my living situation/lifestyle.

For starters, I live with a family of 5 (myself included) in a rather large household (roughly 4200 square feet). The youngest member of my family is my 11 year-old brother. A fair thing to mention is the fact that we do have a small dog as well (a miniature schnauzer), and while he may be quite noisy at times, he's never been one to chase/harm anything or cause issues, so he is of no concern. Like I said, the house is rather large, and we have a lot of free and open space to spare.
Now, about my (and my family's) lifestyle. As a whole, we are a pretty 'in-and-out' family, but that doesn't mean the house is always empty. Both my parents work (my dad is full time, and my mom is on call), my younger brother is in elementary school, and I have a light course load myself. The only other member of the family is my older sister, but we rarely ever see her anyways. Most days, the house is totally unoccupied from 9 until noon, and some days that can stretch until 3, but other than that, there's almost never less than 1 person at a given time. Even still, I'm at the house most of my time, whether it be in the morning before classes or relaxing afterwards. I do have a part-time job as well, but I don't work many hours. So, personally, I'm out of the house for roughly 6 hours each day. Again, that can vary, but I generally have classes in the morning and work in the evening. And like I said, the house almost always has someone in it, whether it be my parents or my brother, and they have all agreed to care for the bird when I am unable.

Alright, so that's enough about me and my family. I hope that's enough to give a sense of what kind of environment the parrot would be living in, but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask! The more help, the better.

So, now on to my questions and current situation. Like I mentioned before, I've got my heart set on a few types of parrots. As it stands, I am leaning towards a Conure, but more specifically, a green-cheek or a sun Conure. My local pet store actually works with a breeder from Vancouver, who both breeds, rescues and hand-raises Conures. I've spoken with him quite a bit, and spent some time last month with a green-cheek he brought in. I've done hours of research and forum-searching, and have asked almost everything I can to both the breeder and the pet shop. While it does seem that everything would work out, I'm still petrified that I'll make the wrong decision, and end up with a bird I can't care for. I even got to meet a green-cheek in person and get used to it's nature (and I ended up spending hours in the pet store...)

But that brings me to my next question: Is a Conure the right choice for me? Like I said, I've been torn between them, Cockatiels, Caiques and Indian Ringnecks. They all have such wonderful personalities and potentials that I'd happily embrace. The only important thing to me in terms of qualities/traits is their ability to socialize/interact. I love cuddly animals, and them being hands-on is a must. I've heard that all of them are quite clown-like and acrobatic, with Caiques being the most energetic, and the more playful the better.

Anyways, I think that's about it! Again, if there are any important details that I missed, don't hesitate to ask. Ans if you do decide to vote in the poll, please explain your vote! Thank you in advance!

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