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Time for a change

Itís been a constant struggle with Googleís AdWords department to keep the WikiBeaks site verified. I thought to simply put up a website, intercept searches from people looking to purchase a parrot, and get them some information before another birdís life gets ruined. It shouldnít be this hard, which tells me Iím doing it rong. So I want to re-tool. I plan to run some raffles or sell items to raise money, and then donate that money to a parrot organization thatís doing more direct work. Can still have info on the website, and still send people here, but also do some active good.

I tried to learn new website software to build something independently of any one platform and thatís also a hindrance. Since we are hosted in a WordPress based site, it might be easiest to redo the site in WP and just keep it simple.

Any suggestions for raffle or sale items are appreciated. I have some out of print parrot books like a copy of The Beak Book. Could do coasters, notepads, ?
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