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Pietry my umbrella cockatoo picking and breaking his feathers.

Hey guys, I'm a newbie here but I really need a bit of help, I've never been on a forum before about pietry (my umbrella too) but I'm having a problem now with him We have recently had to move back to my parents house for a while and he has had move into a smaller cage. He hates my parents. An siblings and attacks them whenever they come near him as a result he doesn't get out of his cage much unless I'm here on my own. A few weeks ago he plucked some feathers off his chest. And now today in the space of about two hours he broke his wing feathers on his right wing in a perfect line as if he had been clipped now he can't fly properly. Can anyone help... Will his feathers grow back? Is he stressed out??? I'm so upset and worried about him... Thanks for any advice and comments Lisa
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