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Exclamation [HELP!] School Cockatiels are Incredibly Aggressive

Hello everyone! I recently joined this forum as I seek what I feel is urgent- I need help figuring something out.

My school has a Veterinary Pathway.
We have a Vet Lab, which is dedicated to multiple incredibly healthy animals- except, not all of them are healthy.

We have a pair of cockatiels that are incredibly hostile and stressed.
When I inquired the 'cause of aggression', the teacher explained,"Ever since they bred and laid eggs, they've been very very aggressive."

I further inquired and I was given more context, which was shocking to me-
"We took away their eggs."

So... you're telling me that you took away their eggs and didn't expect them to become hostile? So now you're just going to neglect them of any sort of opportunity to be happy?

I found this shocking, as taking away a pair's eggs can be quite devastating to them! And I believe this was their first ever clutch : (

I feel as if I should also mention the physical condition of these birds.
We have a Normal Grey. I believe the Normal Grey is the male as they are more chatty!
The Normal Gray is seemingly blind in the left eye (there is a gray 'spot' in the bird's eye) and is balding- not molting- balding.

The other cockatiel is brown and white (but not a cinnamon).
She is in great condition but is seriously hostile. Whenever I stick my finger up to their cage, they try to strike my finger and often display hostile/territorial behavior.

These birds are trying over and over again to hatch eggs, but every time we catch them we have to take the eggs away, whether they're broken/cracked or not.

I am very concerned for these birds, but I can only do so much.
I would appreciate any help at all you guys can suggest- perhaps describe the condition thus further so I can show my Vet teacher why she should be more than concerned about those "evil egg laying birds".

Much love,

(also, if it is ever necessary, i will try and get pictures of the birds!)

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