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Re: How cold is too cold?

It is not about the temperature in general (we've had reports of macaws on the other forum nesting in the snow ... ) it's about the changes.
(difference inside-outside)

The moment you have to put on a coat to keep yourself warm is the time you have to start keeping an eye on your bird.

(and maybe get him one as well ? the flightsuit/birddiaper people sell them it you cannot make one of your own just getting them "a sweater" made of a sock will help a bit, go for windresistant material for really cold days )

They told me (in dutch, in normal centrigades ) that a difference of more than 10 will be a significant stressor to the bird. (I am too lazy to convert it to your Fahrenheits)
But sometimes the temperature can read allright, but because of the wind / moisture it can really feel colder it's not an exact science!

and also: a bird that gets out daily f.e. with the dog (walking the same amount of time outside everyday) will be better trained to handle differences in temperature than one that gets out only once a week or month.

So just watch your bird -> he will let you know he is uncomfortable (maybe even burrowing in your clothes if he is *really* freezing)

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