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a new wrinkel with Bingo

Morning is my time with Bingo. Taking him out of his cage, sitting with mem scratching or just cuddling.

In the summer around the house I wear short pants and T-shirt.

In the winter it's sweat pants and sweat shirt.

In the past Bingo would accept both forms of dress as "acceptable".

For some reason with cold weather on the rise Bingo is no longer accepting of my sweat pants/shirt. I am completely unable to get him to step up if I am wearing them. I thought it might just be the shirt so I ditched it this morning and it was still a no go. I have tried leaving his cage door open and he won't climb out so long as I am wearing this inappropriate (to Bingo) clothing.

After the house had warmed up and I switched to my short pants Bingo started in on his . I want to come out display.

Bingo has always been sensitive to what I am wearing. When dressed to go to work and I pass by his cage he will lunge at the bars slamming his beak into them and hissing his "I WANT TO BITE YOU" warning. But timing is everything as they say. When I come home form work dressed the same (of course) he is happy to get scratches from me.

any ideas ?
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