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Re: Need some advice on Kermitís training

Quote: Originally Posted by noodles123 View Post
Right now, when training, you are not the reinfocer (food or whatever you are rewarding with during training likely is). I say this because birds and people only do things if the reward of doing them outweighs the value of NOT doing them. Your training is working, which means that whatever his reward for training, it is more powerful than its absence. It takes a long time with birds. Do not feel discouraged. Over time, in ABA, reinforcement schedules are changed and thinned so that the person or bird doesn't expect a reward every single time (almost like a slot machine). The goal is, in time, for the association between you and positive things to become the reward itself, but that takes a long time.

Can you tell me when and what you are giving your bird during training and what he has to do to get it? I might be able to tell you what schedule of reinforcement you are using and provide suggestions for future thinning. Right now, I would just keep doing it as you are though.

If you are using edible reinforcers, it is very common for people and birds to satiate (fill up). A full bird is not a motivated bird if food is the motivator. For this reason, you may want to consider planning training sessions around times when you know he will be hungry. If you know more than one food that your bird likes, you may also want to change it up because novelty can wear off as well. If you find that after 1-2 food rewards, your bird is less motivated, then consider making the pieces smaller. Regardless, training sessions should generally be short and sweet.
Thanks a lot. I am giving him safflower seeds as his training treats, and he does not get them in his regular diet. I give him one sunflower seed every time I put my hand on him, or grab him and pick him up, or touch his wings, or flip him over. Also whenever he does one of his tricks on cue. I’d agree that simply being with me isn’t the reinforcer yet, and he needs the food treats. His training has been going well lately, he’s allowed me to flip him over on his back while clinging to my thumb. The way I do this is I hold my hand in a C shape and he steps onto my thumb, my fingers cup his back, and I lightly tip my hand backwards. He’s still not at the point where he’s comfortable with me rolling him over, as in starting to teach the roll over trick.
I’ve been practicing his other tricks as well, and he was quick to learn how to fly with the ball in order to fetch it to me. Before he would only run across the floor to fetch. So that’s really cool, and he is very eager to bring the ball to me. He also knows wave, wings, spin, somersault over perch, and recall.

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