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Re: possibly laying an egg?

You don't have to explain, we all understand exactly why you're worried about surgery and this whole thing in-general...It's just that a lot of times bird owners hear the word "anesthesia" and they immediately think "My bird is going to die", and I just want to reassure you that this isn't the case AT ALL. Hopefully it doesn't come to that anyway, hopefully she just lays this big egg and comes home. But if she doesn't, that doesn't mean there are no options...

And yes, the Deslorelin implants aren't "cheap", that I realize. I'm not sure what the Depot injections such as Lupron cost, but I'm sure they're not cheap either, and I'd rather you spend your money on what actually works best...Yes, discuss what type of hormone-therapy he usually does, whether it's an implant or an injection, and if it's an implant ask what kind and what the dosage is, because the dosage is what determines the length of the treatment. Sometimes they have to do the shorter/lower dose implant because of the bird's weight, so that's another thing you need to discuss with your CAV...All I can say about that is that the cost of Deslorelin implants for a few years is going to be less than one surgery, I'm sure of that...They do make your life a lot easier and with a lot less worrying about your baby...

Keep us updated on how she's doing...I'm hoping to see an update with a photo of a huge Conure egg in it!!!
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