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Re: possibly laying an egg?

well anesthesia is a word that really is bad to me, it messed me up too much to trust the thing at all, sadly... not just in the combination with a bird...

well he didn't even mention injections at all, so I'm not sure they have them at all, but after reading about the implants, I'm deffinitelly going with them...

I'll deffinitelly keep you all updated as soon as I hear from the vet... I'll ask for the ex-rays if I can have them or something but I don't really care about the egg, even if it would be fun to have the huge egg shell on the shelve above the tv...

update: just talked to the vet, sadly nothing big changed other than that the egg is now fully hard as it needs to be... I need to call again friday morning to see, cause if nothing happens till then he'll need to open her up on friday, as he's going out of state for saturday and sunday (ugh I hate this part) and to leave the egg inside till monday wiuld be so so very wrong...

I got busy and redid her cage setup, added a more perches and toys, will also hang her cage cover differently, from the ceiling down (we got a hook up there that was meant for hanging a potted flower or something and is still waiting to be used), just need to buy enough fabric and curtain hooks...
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