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Exclamation Severe Head Trauma - what would you do?

I apologize up front because this may be long.

My 6 year old green cheek had a freak accident. He was taken to the vet (with an avian specialist on hand) and has been there for 6 days.
From what we've been told, xrays show no breaks, no spinal compression, airsac is fine. Bird is concussed. They are giving him anti-inflammatory meds and pain meds.
He cannot stand. Little motor control. From what we've been told, he only seems to react when we are their for our brief 15 minute visits twice a day. Then he will try to move around, use his beak to pull himself across the box to our hand and lay in it. Or if we pick him up he's content to lay on our chest, and nibble at our shirts and try to climb/pull himself up to our shoulder where he would normally perch.

He's had ups and downs in the almost week that he's been there. He's had really good days where we've seen plenty of lucidity from him, which has been followed by a day where his breathing was labored and he was on oxygen for for over 12 hours.

I've read that brain injuries could potentially take months for recovery.

My better half and I are at a disagreement. Do I bring my baby home, possibly a special needs Bird for the rest of his life, to see if he possibly needs several months to recover?

Or do we play God and make the decision to euthanize him?

Bringing him home means hand feeding and special accommodations (which we have no problem doing and have somewhat started in hopes he would be better) until he recovers, or quite possibly for the rest of his life.

My take is, if he is alive and there's a chance it could take several months for him to recover, then I owe it to my baby to try.
My husband says that he would basically be a feathered ornament in the house and that it isn't fair to him (the bird) to keep him in that state.

I'm not asking anyone to make my decision for me. I will make a decision based on what my vet advises is the best course of action after we discuss all of our options.

I'm curious what you think you would do in a situation like this? Or if you've ever been in this position yourself, i`d love to hear your story. Has anyone else had experience with severe head trauma and a long recovery time?

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