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Re: Blue the lost

I'm sorry that your friend lost their bird...Being that they are in the Philippines, I don't really know what resources there are for finding lost pets there...Have they posted "Lost Bird" fliers around town yet with the bird's photo and their information on it? If not, that's one place to start, as well as contacting and posting the fliers in all local pet and bird shops, Vet offices, and local animal and bird organizations. Since he is a hand-tamed bird, he'll most likely go to someone when he gets hungry or scared, so it's likely that someone who lives locally will find him, and that's why it's important for your friend to get the word out all over locally that he is missing and they are looking for him...The sooner the better, the longer you wait the less of a chance the person who finds him will find the owner...

***Just on a side note, something that is extremely important for you and your friend to know for when the bird returns and for your bird and any future pet birds either of you have...It is extremely dangerous and life-threatening to feed a bird ANY human baby formulas or cereals such as Ceralac or Similac, or any others, it will definitely kill your birds over a short amount of time. Human baby cereal and formulas like Ceralac are purposely enhanced with added Iron, as humans need lots of Iron in their bodies...However, all birds, whether they are parrots, doves/pigeons, poultry birds, game birds, etc. are extremely sensitive to Iron, and their bodies do not require much Iron at all because it will literally kill them over-time...As the bird's body accumulates the extra Iron from the Ceralac or any other human baby/toddler cereal or formula (Ceralac and Similac being the worst), the bird with become extremely sick with something called "Avian Iron Storage Syndrome/Disease", which is 100% fatal if the source of Iron ingestion isn't stopped. It can happen quickly, after only a few days to weeks of feeding the bird Ceralac or other Iron- rich/enhanced foods, or it can take months, but it will happen. This is one of the main reasons that people who decide to hand-raise baby parrots in countries where commercial bird hand-feeding formula isn't available often end-up having the babies die very young, because they often substitute human baby cereals and formulas like Cerelac and Simulac for actual baby bird hand-feeding formula, and the Iron kills the baby birds...

So your friend definitely needs to be informed about "Iron Storage Syndrome/Disease" in birds and needs to stop feeding all of their birds anything like Cerelac, Simulac, or any other human baby/toddler cereals or formulas immediately...This is also the same reason why you should not feed any birds much Citrus Fruit that is rich in Vitamin C at all, such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, lemons, or tomatoes, as Vitamin C enhances the body's absorption of Iron from the food that the birds eat, and this will also eventually cause Iron Storage Syndrome/Disease in the birds and eventually kill them, though not nearly as quickly as feeding them any human baby cereals or formulas will, as their Iron content is very, very, very high, and will quickly result in the death of the bird if they are fed the Cerelac or similar baby cereals/formulas on even a semi-regular basis...So please inform your friend about stopping the feeding of Ceralac and any other human baby cereals, formulas, or foods immediately to any of their birds...The ONLY type of human baby food that is safe to feed to birds at all are the little jars of baby food made from nothing but different veggies, fruits, and water, such as the jars of Gerber Baby Food, as they do not have any added Iron to them, they are nothing but veggies, fruit, and water, that's it...Other than the little jars of veggie/fruit baby food, NO OTHER human baby food/cereal/formula is at all safe to feed to any birds at all, and will certainly kill them quickly if they are fed it on a regular basis, especially Cerelac, as it is LOADED with extra Iron...
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