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Do you ever wear earplugs?

Calm down.
Hear me out.

Pico, my 3-yr old, wing clipped, hand raised Conure gets all his needs met, but sometimes he just has to be a parrot and scream ... for a long time.

Yes, I know parrots often scream because they need or want something.
But he truly gets everything he needs ... I just question his extreme wants - as in getting surgically grafted to my neck.
It would be inexcusable if a neglectful parront wore earplugs to ignore the screaming of a bird that really did need something.

Is it common for parrots to scream in spite of all their needs and nearly all wants being met?

I can't list everything he gets, but he's always in view of me.
Every day he spends several hours on my shoulder, chilling, cuddling or napping.
We shower and eat together.
He's never in his cage during the day unless I go somewhere where I can't take him, which is only a few hours a week.

I rotate his toys and give him fresh stuff to chew.
Throughout the house there are stand perches with toys that he moves between.
Every birdie station has a thick rope hanging to the floor that he uses as an elevator.
He has the freedom to, and often does, walk over to me and climb up to my shoulder.

I'm a semi-retired homebody who hasn't taken a vacation in 10 years.
I only go out to do chores and, since we live in a mild climate, Pico comes with me 90% of the time.
He's highly socialized and loves meeting new people every day.
No feather plucking.
He's a very happy bird.

He gets annual vet visits and is on a healthy diet of Zupreem pellets and lots of fruits, veges, and whole grain stuff.
Fresh clean reverse osmosis-filtered water twice a day ... etc. etc. etc.

He's super affectionate and cuddly.
He loves my SO and vice versa.
Based over 50 years of being a parront and reading lots and lots, Pico seems to have the perfect home.
It's just that no matter how much attention I give him it's never enough to keep him quiet 100% of the time.
When I know all his needs are met, yet he screams anyway, I put in earplugs and go about my business.

Of course he can't be near me when I'm cooking (no, there's no teflon) or when I'm using bleach to clean the bathroom or kitchen.
He doesn't understand why I'm ignoring him so he screams - hence the earplugs.

Do you ever use earplugs?
Kirk, out.

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