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Re: Caique breeding HELP

Take it easy

question 1: do you even *want* babybirds?

because if the answer is "no, not really" you can just boil the egs and put them back or swap them for fake-eggs.


When your birds were (co)parentraised they should have no problems raising their own young - really, contrary to populair beliefs birds can raise their own young perfectly fine without any human intervention.
They may mess up the first round (it is actually normal for a first attempt to fail, birds, mammals, fish etc. they all need a learning curve) but that does not mean they will be lousy parents, they just need the practice.

If you have incubatorbirds/ early nestplucked-away-from-parents they may have issues (MAY! so they could do perfectly or fail or anything in between)

Other members can and will give you a list of items you will have to have stand by and tell you to learn the skills of handfeeding *now*, but I will not go into that now because I do not even know if you guys even WANT your birds to reproduce at all!

The fact that they could does not mean they should.

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