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Boarding Parrots

I am thinking about parrot babysitting. I have several large cages I can put in a spare room and can board them at my home or I can travel to someoneís home if it is is the town where I live. I live in a rural area so we have no breeders or anyplace to board a bird except one pet store that is noisy and busy and frankly not all that clean. We only have one avian vet in the county. Sitting for my Pampa was always a problem because I donít know anyone interested or knowledgeable about birds. I was afraid to take her to friends or family because of fear they would burn candles, cook with Teflon or something. I always had someone come twice a day to feed, water, clean and she never got out of her cage while I was away. I donít leave often or for long so it worked out okay. So anyway I think there may be a market for my services.
I have no idea what to charge or pitfalls, dangers, liabilities. I do not want to put my birds at risk of disease or other peopleís birds if one boarder brought a disease. I am open to suggestions and ideas and what to charge. Being a rural area I would probably charge less than you would charge in a big city.
Thank you all in advance.
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