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Presently have six Greenwing Macaw (17 yo), Red Fronted Macaw (12 yo), Red Lored Amazon (17 y.o.), Lilac Crowned Amazon (about 43 y.o.) and a Congo African Grey (11 y.o.) Panama Amazon (1 Y.O.)
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Flock update: the Macaws

Mine are lap birds, shoulder birds, and mush macs.

As I type this Sweepea is doing her "ear muff" thing. On my shoulder with the the entire side of her body pressed up against my face. No interest in moving.
She's been that way from day one. Nothing has changed.

She has mellowed a lot with age... though I am going through a lot of the wound up behaviors she had when she was younger with Ruby.

Right now Ruby is hanging from one foot on her playstand, attacking a toy.

They both self entertain well, but would just as readily be 24/7 velcro lap birds...
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