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Fang (9yo (ab)normal grey cockatiel), HRH Crown Princess Lilly Pilly (purple-crowned lorikeet gotcha date 28 Oct 2018) & Valentino (budgie, gotcha date 14 Feb 2019 at approx 6mo)
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Funny Foto of Fang :)

Fang is what his vet describes as a "lazy preener". Thus he usually has long streamer-like downy feathers protruding from under his wings which we like to call his "kinky bumfluff"

Lately however, and somehow this has been happening quite a bit, when he does preen he somehow ends up with a discarded feather that gets stuck on the very tip of his crest, like so :-

I'm sure theres a Dr Seuss character somewhere that resembles this!

"Words speak us more than we speak them.” Hercule Poirot (He may be fictional, but he’s my favourite “Belgian upstart”!)
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